“The program has pushed me to new depths of leadership and personal growth so I’m more effective within the agricultural industry and in my community.”
Jonnalee Henderson, Class 39
“The California Agricultural Leadership Program has made me evaluate my place in the world. I no longer exist in the bubble that I did prior to my time in the Program. There is no way to go through this program and not change for the better.”
Cannon Michael, Class 39
“I was at a point in my life where I needed to grow again, professionally and personally. After every seminar I’m hoping to come home with answers, all I have is more questions. The program has opened my eyes to issues I had not always made a part of my daily life, but am now. I am thankful for the equal opportunities that have been presented. I think differently about our government, cultures, health and welfare. This program is making me a more educated citizen in our world.”
Cara Crye, Class 39
“CALP is one of the best programs in the nation for any leaders looking to transition to the next level. From learning about global issues to understanding how our state government works, CALP provides leaders with the tools to address today’s modern challenges.”
Tyler Morgan, Class 39
“The seminars are designed to help you grow in new ways; emotionally, intellectually. I have increased confidence in myself and I look at problems differently. I have learned new communication skills that I will use the rest of my life I have come to know my strengths and weaknesses. To be a better leader, one must be involve in our communities.”
“The Ag Leadership program gives you a chance to regularly stop the day to day noise, reflect on what you’re doing and why. While at the same time interacting with people you normally would not have the opportunity to meet and interact with. The class itself offers contact with a very diverse and accomplished group and from many backgrounds and places. This is a great learning experience on its own.”
Bryan Foley, Class 39
“The transition from ‘someone should so something about that’ to ‘I am going to do something about that’! This program has taken me out of the comfortable middle of society and exposed me to the very top and bottom of our society.”
Josh Huntsinger, Class 39
“Confessing to a group of strangers who I am and what I want to become, was a very powerful moment for me. These strangers later became my good friends. I felt honored to have witnessed my classmates become what they set out to become at the beginning of the program.”
Greg Wegis, Class 39
“Seeing a different side to the world with people as close as family is the most energizing experience of my life!”
Rick Stark, Class 39
“I can’t sit back and wait for others to speak up; this program has taught me that I need to have a voice. It is your responsibility to learn as much as you can and to share that knowledge with others. We all have our strengths; we need to figure out what they are and we need to utilize them; this program helps you do that. This program teaches you to not only utilize your strengths, but those around you.”
Tina Lunt, Class 39
“Ag Leadership has taken me out of my comfort zone, developed an inner confidence within me and helped me make a better more ‘aware’ person.”
Eric Limas, Class 39
“The opportunity to build lasting relationships with great individuals as well as expose myself to experiences I never would have had the opportunity to experience were key components of Ag Leadership for me. While the content was generally right on, but it was the depth of the experiences with my classmates that make the commitment well worth it. Am I a better leader? Perhaps, but certainly I am a better person for this experience.”
David Silva, Class 39
“The program took me outside of the box. In some cases it scared the hell out of me, but afterwards it really made me think about what I had just been through. If you stop thinking, you stop growing.”
Nick Hill, Class 39
“Ag Leadership gave me the opportunity to examine issues facing our society in depth, and at a level I probably wouldn’t have done on my own. This will make me a smarter leader.”
Emily Rooney, Class 39
“This program is an intensive leadership journey through self-introspection, personal discovery, social awakening, and humanitarian responsibility. Every step of the process led me to a greater understanding and purpose for my life. My motivation to make a difference, yearning to be the best person I can be, and sense of core values have been sharpened and honed throughout this experience.”
Lisa Bodrogi, Class 39
“The CA Ag Leadership program has been an odyssey of personal growth for me with many facets: great learning experiences and chances to pick up new skills, relationships with fantastic people, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences that have truly broadened my horizons and opened my mind.”
John Schaap, Class 39
“I never knew I would enjoy being out of my comfort zone so much. Leaving my comfort zone at home and approaching each seminar with an open mind has helped broaden my horizons and make me realize things about myself I would have never discovered. The sacrifices you make to be part of the program is a small investment that will pay dividends for the rest of your life.”
James Rickert, Class 39
“The California Agricultural Leadership Program has been my opportunity to step outside of my sphere of influence. I have met people, learned about issues and created relationships that I now can take back to improve both my organization and community.”
Ivor Van Wingerden, Class 39
“The program creates specific challenges that force me to look beyond the usual problems in day-to-day agriculture; to realize completely that instead of focusing my efforts on what cannot be changed, I have the resources to commit myself to work on those that I can.”
Peterangelo Vallis, Class 39
“The California Ag Leadership program has helped me realize how important agriculture has been in my life. And because of this realization it has recommitted me to staying active in the industry, for me, my family and the industry.”
Mike Mendes, Class 39
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