The program has pushed me to new depths of leadership and personal growth so I’m more effective within the agricultural industry and in my community.
-Jonnalee Henderson, Class 39

Ag Leadership has taken me out of my comfort zone, developed an inner confidence within me and helped me make a better more ‘aware’ person.
– Eric Limas, Class 39

The California Agricultural Leadership Program has made me evaluate my place in the world. I no longer exist in the bubble that I did prior to my time in the Program. There is no way to go through this program and not change for the better.
– Cannon Michael, Class 39

The program took me outside of the box. In some cases it scared the hell out of me, but afterwards it really made me think about what I had just been through. If you stop thinking, you stop growing.
– Nick Hill, Class 39

I was at a point in my life where I needed to grow again, professionally and personally. After every seminar I’m hoping to come home with answers, all I have is more questions. The program has opened my eyes to issues I had not always made a part of my daily life, but am now. I am thankful for the equal opportunities that have been presented. I think differently about our government, cultures, health and welfare. This program is making me a more educated citizen in our world.
– Cara Crye, Class 39

The opportunity to build lasting relationships with great individuals as well as expose myself to experiences I never would have had the opportunity to experience were key components of Ag Leadership for me. While the content was generally right on, but it was the depth of the experiences with my classmates that make the commitment well worth it. Am I a better leader? Perhaps, but certainly I am a better person for this experience.
– David Silva, Class 39