SALINAS, Oct. 17, 2017 – The California Agricultural Leadership Foundation (CALF) today announced a pledge in the amount of $275,000 from the Zenith Insurance Company (Zenith). As a leading insurance company headquartered in California, Zenith specializes in California agricultural insurance coverages, including workers’ compensation and property and casualty insurance. Zenith has committed to becoming a “Fellowship Sponsor” and will participate in the initial creation of the Leadership Round Table. CALF has created this leadership group to interact with its board of directors, staff and faculty to provide input into assuring that the program continues to “grow leaders who make a difference.”

“On behalf of the foundation and its board of directors, we enthusiastically thank Zenith for their continued support and leadership. They truly are an outstanding company that exhibits an understanding of and commitment to California agriculture that is extraordinary,” said CALF’s Board Chairman Jeff Elder.

Zenith President Kari Van Gundy commented, “Zenith recognizes that the future success of food and fiber production in our state will be dependent largely on leaders that can effectively communicate and influence others. We are honored and excited to be a part of this outstanding program. By supporting the development of future leaders our commitment to California agriculture goes well beyond today and helps build the foundation for its success over the coming years.”

About CALF: Ag Leadership is considered to be one of the premier leadership development programs in the United States. Since it was first conceived, more than 1,300 men and women have participated in Ag Leadership and have become influential leaders and active volunteers in the agriculture industry and other areas. The foundation’s mission is “we grow leaders who make a difference” and their vision is to have “California agricultural leaders united as a catalyst for a vibrant industry.”