May 2020 

Due to the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the California Ag Leadership Foundation’s (CALF) board of directors has made the following decisions. It is the opinion of the board of directors that current events dictate that these decisions are necessary and prudent. The staff and leadership of the foundation are committed and determined to continue to work steadfastly for the betterment and improvement of the program.

We will use this reduced activity level to effectively on-board and transition to a new CEO; to review the program content and transition to new program coordinators and content providers where needed and to make sure the 50th Anniversary Celebration is worthy of the excitement that is building toward this historic milestone. We do not want to lose any of the momentum the program has gained.

We thank all of you for your continued support and interest in Ag Leadership. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to all those who have suffered personal or financial hardship due to the pandemic. As terrible as this crisis has been, it does highlight the importance of California agriculture to the country and world and the importance of good leadership.

No face-to-face or in person events for the benefit of CALF will be scheduled. This includes traveling, fundraising, promotional events, class events, interviews, etc. 

50th Anniversary Celebration
The 50th Anniversary Celebration will be moved to October 28-30, 2021. We are working in cooperation with hotels, venues, speakers and registrants to make the necessary changes.

Class 50
The remainder of the program for Class 50 will be moved to the first half of 2021, if the situation is deemed to be safe to all participants. It is our hope that graduation ceremonies can occur in May 2021, with the safety of all involved in mind. It was important to the board that Class 50 be allowed to experience the full program in the manner it was meant to be delivered. The Ag Leadership Program is a social experience with face-to-face interaction within the class, with content providers and at various locations.

Class 51
All activity related to Class 51 will be suspended until deemed to safe. The intention is to plan for an inaugural session in October 2021.

CEO Search
The search and transition to a new CEO will continue as scheduled. The search committee is making good progress in identifying and reviewing candidates in cooperation with the firm of Kincannon & Reed.