Ag Leadership Program


Application Process

The California Agricultural Leadership Foundation accepts applications each year from early January through the beginning of May.

The application process includes three phases:

Phase 1 consists of an electronic form that applicants complete online. After first registering to apply access will be given to the online application. This application form captures basic information about the applicant and provides our phase 1 screening team with the information necessary to confirm an applicant is qualified to participate in the program. Based on the review of the phase 1 application, qualified applicants will be invited to complete the phase 2 application.

Phase 2 is an expanded online application that captures more information about the background and experiences of the applicant. By completing this application, the candidate is providing information that helps our screening committee members better understand how an applicant may both gain from and contribute to our leadership program. It is during the phase 2 process that we also ask the applicant to arrange for recommendations as well as to have support forms completed by employers and spouses.

Phase 3 is a face-to-face interview conducted by regional screening committees. These interviews typically occur in July and would also include the spouse or life partner. Committee members contact references before the interviews. The face-to-face sessions are an opportunity for committee members to better understand a candidate’s interest in the program, motivation for seeking to join the program and the potential for growth if admitted to the program.


The results of the regional interviews are used by the final selection committee to select a class. In addition to information gained from the interviews, consideration is given to industry segment, maturity, commitment to personal development and other factors in selecting the members of the class. The Foundation announces who has been selected for the program by early September.

 Phase 1 – Normally due in late April.

 Phase 2 and Supporting Documents – Normally due in late May
 Please check the California Agricultural Leadership Foundation calendar website for the specific deadlines for this year.

The application process is currently closed. Applications for the next class will be available on this page in early January. To answer many of the questions you might have about the program please click here.

​For More Information

For more information contact Judy Sparacino, program coordinator, at