Ag Leadership Program

California Agricultural Leadership Program: FAQ

What are the requirements to participate in the program?

A resident of California for at least one year.
Written consent from employer to take off the required time.
If self-employed, demonstrate the ability to be on leave from their enterprises for the required time.
Remain in an agricultural profession during the program.
Have the full support of family to participate in the program.

What is the application and selection process?

Applications are typically available beginning in January.
The application process has three phases:
– The first phase is a brief written application to determine a candidate’s eligibility for the program.
– The second phase requires a more detailed written application from a candidate.
– The final phase is a face-to-face interview with a screening committee.
In addition to applications, four letters of recommendation and other consent forms are required.
Face-to-face interviews of qualified applicants with regional screening committees are held in the summer.
Applicants are notified of the selection outcome in early fall.

Is there an application fee?

There is no fee for applying to the program.

How much time do fellows need to commit?

Fellows must commit to approximately 55 seminar days over a 17-month period:
– First year: Monthly seminars from October to May typically last two and a half to three days, and a national travel seminar in March lasts approximately 10 days.
Second year: Monthly seminars from October to February typically last two and a half to three days, and an international travel seminar in November lasts approximately 15 days.
Fellows will also have additional travel time to and from each seminar location, which may amount to several extra days depending on where a fellow lives.
Fellows are expected to devote extra time to the individualized coaching process, and to group and individual assignments outside of the seminars.
Fellows are expected to assume leadership responsibilities immediately, participate in post-graduate leadership activities, and to contribute to the sustainability of CALP.

Is there a tuition or cost for participating in the program?

The foundation, through individual and industry donations, funds the more than $50,000 cost for each participant. Fellows are expected to pay the following:
$750 fee to offset costs of materials.
Incidental expenses.
Miscellaneous expenses (tips, gifts, donations, personal items, etc.).
Transportation to and from in-state seminars.
Transportation to and from departure airports for national and international travel seminars.

What do employers pay for?

Employer costs vary depending on how they support their employee during the program (e.g., employee time off and other expenses).

What is the return on investment for employers?

Turn “soloists” into “conductors.”
Train leaders for the business or organization.
Develop talent to keep companies on the cutting edge of change and growth.
Train potential successors.
Develop key individuals as team leaders.

What is the return on investment for fellows?

Develop essential tools to enhance leadership skills and strengths.
Through individualized coaching, focus on specific learning activities to enhance ability to motivate and lead.
Acquire strong communication skills.
Understand the difference between leadership and management.
Deal effectively, competently and confidently with complicated issues and challenges that affect California agriculture.
Understand, articulate and confront different perspectives of an issue or challenge.
Respond more proactively to challenges that affect organizations, businesses and communities.
Develop the ability to convert a vision into action through effective and appropriate planning, communication and motivation.
Develop the ability to more effectively organize and utilize teams.

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