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I grew with Ag Leadership

I grew with Ag Leadership is an engaging outreach campaign - launched in February 2023 - that connects with CALF’s mission of “Growing leaders who make a difference.” The campaign features alumni and positive testimonials highlighting how they grew with Ag Leadership; how Ag Leadership enabled them to make a greater impact in agriculture, businesses, communities and families; and why they would recommend the Ag Leadership Program to others in agriculture.

The campaign appears predominantly on CALF’s social media platforms and our website (Q&As/articles on this page). In 2023, one alum will be featured each month. In addition, alumni spotlights in Horizons will include the I grew with Ag Leadership theme/mark. Print ads will appear in select California agricultural industry publications.

Darcy Vlot

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Joe Pezzini

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Andrea Furber Card

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Rick Rhody

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Betty Hurley Lindeman

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Sal Parra Jr.

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Julie Morris

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John Gardiner

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