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Lifelong Leadership Learning (L4)

The California Agricultural Leadership Program teaches leadership skills that help people and companies expand their impact.

A rich set of educational opportunities for alumni connect them to their regions, classes and their individual learning objectives well past their fellowship experience.

Lifelong Leadership Learning (L4)
Numerous opportunities are available to alumni of the program to stay connected with the foundation; continue their leadership growth through learning; and engage with other alumni, fellows and thought leaders. These include:

Workshops & Seminars
Building upon the program curriculum and expanding on lessons learned as a fellow, these opportunities provide a full program of learning for our alumni. L4 events are provided in-person and online.

First Fridays
Hosted on the first Friday of each month, these one-hour virtual events bring individuals and panelists in to expand on curriculum topics from the program, share personal leadership stories, provide awareness of leadership opportunities and offer exposure to broaden perspectives.

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Leaders are Readers Book Club
Reading books is an important part of the curriculum for fellows while they participate in the California Ag Leadership Program. Once per quarter, a book selection is released for alumni. Participants engage in a synthesis discussion of the book via Zoom. Membership fee details, as well as annual and individual book opportunity information may be found below.

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Leaders are Readers Book Club

For more information or to join the Leaders are Readers Book Club, click the button to contact CALF Alumni Engagement Manager Deanna van Klaveren (32).


2022 / IGNITE!

Alumni Conference

In even numbered years, an alumni conference will be held so that alumni may broaden their learning in multiple ways. The conference provides opportunities for alumni from all classes to socialize and engage.

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