Two unique and powerful programs are offered through the California Agricultural Leadership Foundation.

California Agricultural Leadership Program

A premier leadership development program. The most respected and longest-running of its kind.

Mission: We grow leaders who make a difference.

Vision: To be a catalyst for a vibrant agricultural community.

Farmers and ranchers in our highly urbanized state depend on skilled and passionate leaders who can be effective advocates for issues facing agriculture, our communities, the state and nation. For over 40 years, the California Agricultural Leadership Program (CALP) has provided an advanced leadership development experience for emerging agricultural leaders.

Become a stronger and better leader with new skills and strategic ideas.

Over the course of an intensive 17-month program, you will be immersed in numerous topics, including leadership theory, strategic agility, effective communication, motivation, critical thinking, change management, emotional intelligence and other skills that contribute to improved performance, and immersion into complex social and cultural issues.

Through a balance of dynamic classroom presentations, case studies, experiential learning opportunities, individualized coaching and selected readings, you will acquire tools to enhance your leadership skills and contribute to the long-term success of your farms, ranches, allied businesses and organizations.

Become an influential agricultural professional.

Program graduates are part of an influential network of agricultural professionals who help their companies, organizations and communities meet the challenges of a rapidly changing environment. Better communication and enhanced critical thinking skills, combined with a broader perspective, help graduates guide others to creative solutions. Having the confidence to step up and engage diverse groups in discussions about critical issues facing agriculture is one of many outputs of the Ag Leadership Program.

As one of the over 1,300 alumni – growers, farmers, ranchers and other individuals working in allied businesses – you will be part of a powerful network that serves to keep farming and ranching a viable and important part of our state’s economy.

Washington, D.C. Educational Fellowship Program

The Washington, D.C. Educational Fellowship Program (also known as D.C. Exchange) is organized and hosted by the Ag Leadership Alumni Council. It brings together government representatives – from congressional staff to federal agency employees – for an in-depth and significant learning opportunity.

The goal is to educate D.C.-based decision makers about current issues and complex challenges facing California’s farmers and ranchers, as well as foster open communication between those producing our food and fiber with federal entities. More than 400 individuals have participated since the D.C. Exchange began in 1982.

Leave the Beltway behind and explore California agriculture up close and personal.

As a participant in this program, you will join up to 20 people to travel for one week to a designated region of California and take part in issues-based activities and hands-on agricultural experiences. One-on-one talks, small group discussions, expert panels and site visits will enhance your learning of priority topics that might include water, crop protection, trade, environment, inspection and surveillance, farm worker housing, food safety, immigration, imports/exports and transportation. In addition, you will get a valuable personal view of farming and ranching by staying with farm families.