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The foundation and the leaders it develops are dedicated to strengthening California agriculture and sustainably supplying the world.

We honor and recognize the impact made by our alumni and stakeholders through three primary awards:

Profiles in Leadership Award - 2024 nomination form

Lifetime Leadership Award - 2024 nomination form

Honorary Fellow Award

Profiles in Leadership Award
The Profiles in Leadership Award, founded in 1995, recognizes California Ag Leadership Program alumni for their leadership actions resulting in the betterment of industry, community, business, government, education and/or the environment. The committee is looking to recognize specific leadership stories that demonstrate leadership in action by alumni.

2024: The nomination form and an essay are due Friday, April 26. Click the 2024 nomination form link in the sidebar.

Honorary Fellow Award
The Honorary Fellow Award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated consistent commitment and uncommon excellence in the furtherance of education and
leadership in California agriculture. Recipients are also dedicated and longtime supporters of the California Agricultural Leadership Program.

Lifetime Leadership Award
The Lifetime Leadership Award recognizes California Ag Leadership Program alumni who have demonstrated leadership throughout their lifetime, thereby making a significant difference in California agriculture, their industry and community.