First Fridays

JULY 2024

  • Learning Module – Part Three / Systems of Opportunity
  • Character skills and scaffolding can help us unlock hidden potential in ourselves and those around us. But to give more people the chance to achieve greater things, we need something bigger. Creating opportunities on a larger scale requires us to build better systems in our schools, teams and organizations.
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JUNE 2024

  • Jenna Large / Learning design functional leader, Vivayic
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MAY 2024

  • Learning Module – Part Two / Sustaining Long-Term Motivation
  • Part two continues the lessons from Adam Grant’s “Hidden Potential.” Learn about the concept of “scaffolding,” which enables you to scale heights you couldn’t reach on your own and build resilience to overcome obstacles. Advance reading not required.
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APRIL 2024

  • Learning Module – Part One / Uncovering Your Hidden Potential
  • CALF has created a new educational experience that reinforces our alumni community’s continued growth as leaders in agriculture: a self-guided learning module based on Adam Grant’s “Hidden Potential.” Advance reading not required.
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