Description of Funds



Alumni Fellowship

  • Created with monies raised by the ALA (formerly Ag Leadership Alumni)


Dean Brown Fellowship


John & Betsy Grether Fellowship


Jim & Betsy Hansen Family Fellowship Fund


Lagomarsino Family Fellowship


John & Sheila Lake Fellowship Fund

  • Established by John and Sheila when John served as foundation board chairman. 


Manassero Fellowship

  • Established by Bob Gray, Laura Mills (29), Vic Lanini and Mary Zische to honor Jim Manassero (1), a Salinas Valley industry leader. An annual luncheon is held in Monterey County in his honor.


Thomas Mulholland Fellowship Fund


John & Eda Muller Fellowship Fund

  • Close friends of John Muller (8) – including George Soares (4) and Mark Borba (9) – established this fund to honor the Muller family. The fund was established as a remembrance of the experiences and friendships created by John, who credits the program for inspiring him to get into public service.


Paul & Yvonne (Natsuhara) Murai Fellowship Fund


Patricio Family Fellowship


Richard Pidduck Fellowship

  • Established by the foundation board of directors in recognition of Richard’s service as chairmen and his role in establishing the endowment. 


Gene Rapp Fellowship Fund

  • Established to honor past CEO and Director of Education Gene Rapp. 


Women in Leadership Fellowship


Mike & Jakki Sencer Fellowship




Bob Gray Endowment

  • Established by Loren Booth (27) to honor the work and impact made by previous CALF CEO Bob Gray. 


Borba Family Endowment

  • Established by Tina Borba in recognition of the Ag Leadership Program’s excellence, which her youngest son, Mark (9), had the good fortune to participate in. 


Ladera Foundation


Class 12 Endowment

  • Established by the class to have a shared fund to give in memory of classmates who have passed away. 


Class 17 Endowment

  • Established in memory of Tom Bennet and his wife, Linda, who perished in a plane crash on their way home from the 25th Ag Leadership celebration.


Class 23 Endowment


Class 25 Endowment

  • Established to support the 2014 matching campaign and to create an opportunity for their classmates to raise funds to commemorate Class 25’s Ag Leadership experience.


Class 30 Endowment

  • Established to remember their life-changing journey experienced during their fellowship and reinforce the importance of giving back to the foundation.


Class 33 Endowment

  • Established to memorialize class members Bhupinder “Sonny” Kalkat and Paul Davy. 


Class 41 Endowment

  • Established to donate the funds remaining from their class project. 


Class 43 Endowment

  • Established to donate the funds remaining from their class project. 


Jess Rhody Class 45 Endowment

  • Established by the members of Class 45 in memory of Jess Rhody, the son of their classmate Rick, who passed away in 2020. 


Class 47 Endowment

  • Established to donate the funds remaining from their class project. 




Tim O’Neill/Class 10 Memorial Endowment

  • Established by members of Class 10 in memory of Tim O’Neill and fellow classmates.


Michelle Turner Memorial Endowment

  • Established by Michelle Turner’s (12) family in her memory.


Dr. George Johannessen Memorial Endowment

  • Dr. George Johannesen was the director of the California Tomato Research Institute and assisted the foundation in the early days. He went on to serve as a board member, as well as mentor to fellows. Johannessen knew the program was needed and he was deeply devoted to the curriculum and empowering younger generations. 


Remo L. Matteucci Memorial Endowment


Dean & Charles Buchinger Memorial Endowment

  • Established by Dean and Judi Buchinger after the loss of their son, Chuck, in 1988. Dean (3) wanted a remembrance of Chuck that would keep his memory alive while helping others. When Dean passed away in 2017, his wife and daughter, Karen, added his name to the fund as a remembrance of him and how the program impacted his life. 


Richard R. Smith Memorial Endowment

Established in 2015 to honor the memory of Rich Smith (7).


David C. Martella Memorial Endowment

Established in memory of David Martella (2), a dedicated alumnus who was instrumental in organizing and sustaining the California Exchange and D.C. Exchange programs.


J.G. Boswell II Legacy Fund


Dean Brown Growth & Innovation Fund

Dean Brown, one of the foundation’s founders, strongly believed that leadership development would ensure a prosperous future for agriculture in California. He also believed a foundation dedicated to providing leadership training to farmers and ranchers would enable this prosperity for generations to come, which is why he dedicated a portion of his estate to the foundation’s creation. Dean’s family attests that he would be incredibly proud to see what CALF has become today.


Franklin Otis Booth Legacy Fund

Otis Booth was so moved and impressed by the experience his daughter, Loren Booth (27), had in the program that he dedicated a portion of his personal foundation to further Ag Leadership’s endowment. 


Stewart & Lynda Resnick Wonderful Legacy Fund

Stewart and Lynda Resnick, owners of The Wonderful Company, committed a $2.5M pledge in 2018 after learning about the foundation and its programing, and recognizing its alignment with the values and goals for their private foundation.