Bob (17) and Anne Atkins: Giving Back in Multiple Ways

Featured in Horizons/Summer 2022

Bob and Anne Atkins have supported Ag Leadership in multiple ways since Bob was a member of Class 17. Their support has ranged from financial contributions, Bob serving as a regional director, hosting D.C. Exchange fellows and prospective applicants in their home, and Anne organizing an alumni conference in Newport Beach. “It’s such a horizons-expanding program,” said Bob. “We feel like we’ve been very fortunate and the debt we have is to pay it forward so others can share in the same experience.” One of the longest lasting impacts of the program has been the relationships they have fostered over the years. “The introduction to so many people throughout the state and the Ag Leadership Program has given us a broad expanse of friends and contacts who we draw upon still to this day,” said Anne. “It’s rewarding to have such a broad base of friends.” Bob and Anne hope their contributions accomplish continuance and evolution for the foundation. As they reflect on their hopes for the future of Ag Leadership, Bob said, “We encourage and support the quest for continuing to evolve and include the diverse backgrounds representative of the state.”