Cannon Michael (39): Helping make the program stronger

Featured in Horizons/Winter 2023

Cannon Michael came back to Bowles Farming in 1998 to work with his uncle, Phillip Bowles (16). Since then, it’s been important for Michael to keep the operation an open door for the community and those who want to learn more about farming. “I want people to come out to the farm and learn for themselves, whether it’s legislators, regulators, NGOs or school kids. I try to highlight the positives of agriculture and the collaborative nature of the folks who work in it.” As an alumnus of Ag Leadership, Michael consistently gives back to the foundation. “We found so much value in [the program] and hearing other people’s experiences. You find a way to make time to give back and make the program stronger for future classes.” Whether Michael is reviewing applications, writing recommendations, sitting on an Ag Leadership committee or making a donation, he said he enjoys “taking opportunities to stay involved.” When asked what he would want a potential applicant to know, Michael said, “It’s worth the time. There’s never a right time, but it’s worth the commitment and you’ll come out better on the other side.”