Sandy Creighton-Fiack (29): Fostering a relationship with CALF and her employer

Featured in Horizons/Fall 2022

Sandy Creighton-Fiack’s involvement with Ag Leadership began early and aligned closely with her personal mission of “educating others about the importance of agriculture.” She applied to the program shortly after graduating college “to hone my skills so I would have the ability to give back,” and she has been giving back to the foundation and industry ever since. When Creighton-Fiack moved to Fresno, she started helping with golf tournaments and attending various Ag Leadership events. “I realized I’m good at rallying the troops,” she said. “I’m a doer.” Creighton-Fiack feels incredibly close to the foundation not only because of the lifelong friends she’s made, but also because of the skills she gained through the program. “So many times I’ve had to use my fellowship skills in meetings and presentations,” she said. “Understanding all of those components made me feel so much more comfortable.” Using her skills in leadership and communication, Creighton-Fiack was able to foster the close relationship between her employer, The Zenith Insurance and Ag Leadership. “You never know how those little seeds will grow!”